09th February 2021

Commercial strategy

Time 1500 GMT

Holly O'Leary, director of City of London based management and legal consultancy Alinea will guide you through in this workshop to understand the essentials of trading with the EU. Alinea will highlight how to negotiate, and supervise digital and e-commerce transactions, VAT, and geo-pricing procedures, immigration, distribution, financial management and foreign exchange, vertical block exemption rules, and commercial contracts. This hour-long workshop will give you a real insight into commercial strategy to help you understand and strengthen your business.

16th February 2021

Intellectual Property

Time 1500 GMT

Holly O'Leary and Geoff Caesar, Directors of City of London based management and legal consultancy Alinea will help you discover how to protect your brand. The UK's EU withdrawal has shifted legislation concerning trademarks, unregistered and registered design rights, and when conducting commercial transactions within the EU there are new policies to understand and follow. The seminar will also cover copyright in the digital domain, and image rights, such as the republication of a published image on social media. This hour-long workshop will help your business understand how to protect your intellectual property.

23rd February 2021

Customs Proceedures

Time 1500 GMT

In this hour long workshop, Holly O'Leary, Director of City of London based management and legal consultancy Alinea, who provide customs agent services for import and export declarations, will discuss importing and exporting goods between the UK and the EU customs territory. This will cover regulations concerning rules of origin for textiles, moving samples and products between borders, and VAT. The hour-long workshop will help demystify the new customs procedures.