Estelle Rubio

Estelle Rubio is a producer, singer, songwriter and DJ and has composed for TV ( BBC, SKY) as well working as an artist for Basement Jaxx, Francis Jazzline Orchestra, Efya, Nocturnal, Jerry Barnes (chic), Native instruments and as a tech presenter for Apples logicX. Her own music spans the dance genres from chill out to Latin and house and can be found on labels Atlantic Jaxx, Saifam, Looper and Lounge Masters. As a world-touring musician/DJ and classical guitarist regularly performing in Ibiza, Italy, and London to name a few Estelle’s in touch with the tools of the modern musician often producing ‘ on the road ‘ she often performs live with Midi controllers and Macbook. Estelle has performed Live at Brighton music conference aboard the iconic BA360i for Native instruments showcasing new tracks for 2019 using their Maschine hardware and a MacBook Pro/LogicX pushing performance boundaries with a passion for encouraging females into the grittier side of tech.
Estelle honed her skills working in recording studios around the world from Amsterdam, London, Paris and Ibiza. Estelle understands the demands of a new world for musicians powered by machines but is keen to show the computer as an instrument ‘most music starts with a DAW and a laptop’. As a judge on the B side remix competition(alongside Marshall Jefferson, Clean Bandit, and La Roux) she has mentored and tutored upcoming talents d lectured in music production at London’s BIMM. A self-confessed ‘Geek Girl’ Estelle also works with Brands as a tech beta tester including RME, Prism Sound, Genelec, LogicX, and Mixim. 

Estelle can work with you to create music for events, shows advertising and tv and film.


Estelle has recently teamed up with saxophone artist Heather Hoyle to form the duo ‘Wild Women’. Estelle & Heather regularly plays at big events and venues globally as solo artists and have now teamed up to bring this unique sound to get your event..